Tuesday, September 05, 2006

John Pavich, a Smart Democratic Candidate

Democrats have fielded some very strong candidates for Congress this year, but John Pavich, who is running against Jerry Weller in Illinois's 11th District, is clearly a cut above the rest. Formerly a counter-terrorism officer in the CIA and an attorney who helped prosecute war criminals in Bosnia, Pavich speaks eloquently and pragmatically about the problems faced by America in this interview. It is a fine example of reasoned, clear discourse, an example to which every candidate should aspire.

We will have a great deal more to say about his opponent, Jerry Weller, as the Republican phone sex scandal unfolds. For the moment, it is enough to simply note that Illinois voters have an excellent opportunity to rid themselves of a sleazy politician this November and elect someone who will do them proud in Washington.

Source: Quality News Network (mp3 audio)

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