Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Amy Goodman talks to S.R. Sidarth

(Democracy Now!, August 22)

In an August 22 interview with Amy Goodman, S.R. Sidarth speaks of feeling humiliated when Senator Allen called him "macaca" and "somewhat appalled that someone like a senator of the United States would say that. "

From the interview transcript:

AMY GOODMAN: There have been a lot of postings about this, articles and blogs, one of them I’m looking at, which says, “George Allen stepped in macaca. Pop quiz: which one of these two people was born and raised in Virginia?” And there’s a photograph of George Allen and of you. And it says, “That's right. It’s not our elected official, who was born in Whittier, California. It’s Sidarth, who Allen referred to as ‘Macaca or whatever his name is.’ The senator then went on to say, ‘Welcome to America.’ Perhaps realizing that he had crossed a line, Allen added, ‘and the real world of Virginia.’ Kind of funny, since Sidarth has apparently lived nowhere else,” that blog said. Your response?

SR SIDARTH: I mean, that’s right. I think it’s ironic that he said that. Aside from just being hurtful, as this sort of reference that he was making to immigrants in general, when in fact I have lived in Fairfax County my entire life.

Democracy Now! video stream (8:45)

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