Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Labour Hits 19-Year Low Following "Shampoo Plot" Arrests

21% Say Government Exaggerating, 20% Say It's Lying

Only 1% (yes, that's one percent) of British voters think Tony Blair's foreign policy has made them safer, according to a new poll in The Guardian. Labour's support has dwindled to 31%, the lowest number the party has registered since 1987. On the shampoo "terror plot," 21% of voters say the government is exaggerating and 20% say it's lying.

The Guardian writes of its poll:

The findings will shock many at Westminster who had expected Labour to gain ground following John Reid's high-profile handling of the alleged plot against transatlantic airlines.

Voters are switching from Labour to the Tories and the LibDems in approximately equal numbers, the poll shows.

Where is Alastair Campbell when Tony needs him? Still in rehab?

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