Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is Bush an "Idiot"?

MSNBC, Scarborough Country
August 15, 2006

Host Joe Scarborough asks guests John Fund, of, and Lawrence O'Donnell, political anyalst, whether George W. Bush is dumb. From the MSNBC transcript :

SCARBOROUGH: And it is almost like the more he stumbles over his tongue, the more he realizes that he‘s maybe overmatched by the English language, and it seems he is losing confidence, by the day. He is getting worse instead of better.

O‘DONNELL: It looks like he is overmatched by the job. It looks like he‘s overwhelmed by it and it is just out of his league, especially ever since Katrina. From Katrina onward, his imagery feeds a level of incompetence that is very unusual. And so everything he does now, he is allowed no margin of error on these kinds of gaffs now, where as if he had had a bunch of real policy successes to point to, and if Iraq—look, if Iraq was a real policy success, that guy could fall down everywhere he went and he would be getting standing ovations.

MSNBC video (10:07, with 15 sec ad)

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