Friday, August 25, 2006

Jim Talent Hypocrisy Alert

Fired Up Missouri has filed a hypocrisy alert for Missouri's Christian conservative senator, Jim Talent:

Long, long ago, when Jim Talent first headed off to Washington, he ran as a Chrisitian Conservative. So, I'm sure that his friends over at The Pathway will be shocked to learn that his campaign is now being bankrolled to the tune of nearly $250,000 by beer, liquor and wine interests.

YouTube video at the Fired Up! website:

YouTube video (1:15)

Fired Up! has also reported on Talent's acceptance of phone sex money for his campaign.

After reviewing FEC records, Fired Up! has now learned that Senator Jim Talent has also apparently been spending some phone time with the Prossers. Last June, Prosser, who has been referred to in the media as a world-class phone-sex operator, and his wife, gave Talent's campaign $4,200.

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