Saturday, October 07, 2006

Democrat Jim Webb Still Spouting the Wrong Answer

Unbelievably, Democrat James Webb, who hopes to oust Senator George Allen from his Virginia seat in November, has still not learned the proper answer to questions about his 1979 "horny women" comment. For the second time on national television he has spoken of a "rhetorical excess" and tried to justify his remark rather than simply admit it was wrong, in any context and at any time.

Democrats should have been the first to demand that answer and their failure to do so might very well cost them this seat and majority control of the Senate. It is an issue that transcends partisan politics and Webb's answer, for Democrats and Republicans alike, is simply unacceptable. Perhaps he still has time to understand why he was wrong and to state, openly and unequivocally, that he was wrong. Otherwise, it is not immediately clear why he belongs in the Senate any more than George Allen does.

Webb gave his first wrong answer during a debate on Meet the Press. Here's a video of the most recent exchange, with Wolf Blitzer last Thursday, October 5.

YouTube video ( 7:41)

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