Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Foley Talked about Page's Foot Size

The Oklahoman newspaper has published two stories in its October 5 issue about the Foley scandal. In one, the newspaper interviews a former congressional page, Mark Wilson - now a student at the University of Oklahoma, who worked in the House from 2001 to 2002. He told the newspaper, “It was like a running joke (among male pages) to look out for Foley.” He said Foley once asked his roommate when he was going to turn 18. The article continues:

Wilson, who was a high school student from Alva when he served as a page, said Foley never talked to female pages. And in an end-of-the-year speech Foley gave to the pages, the congressman only mentioned male pages and made “odd” comments about some - including the foot size of one, Wilson said.

In the second article, The Oklahoman reveals that a former page now working in Republican Representative Michael Istook's reelection campaign has hired an attorney, after being named by a blog, perhaps erroneously, as the page participating in one of the IM chats published by ABC. According to the blogger who published the story, ABC inadvertently revealed the page's screen name for a brief time on its site.

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