Monday, October 02, 2006

Senate: 49 All and Two Toss-Ups

Rasmussen Reports has updated its projections for the U.S. Senate, moving Tennessee out of the toss-up column and into the Dems column as Democrat Harold Ford gains a 5-point lead over Republican Bob Corker for retiring Senator Bill Frist's open seat. That makes the tally 49 all in the fight for the Senate, with only two toss-up states remaining - Missouri and New Jersey.

Democrats are favored to take a total of 5 seats from Republicans this November, in Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Tennessee. They must prevail in those races, plus the two toss-ups, to win majority control of the Senate.

Only one other GOP seat, belonging to Senator George Allen in Virginia, is threatened, but Rasmussen's polls show he has stabilized after accusations of racial bias surfaced, and continues to lead challenger Jim Webb by 6 points. Allen's favorability ratings have even improved slightly in the southern state, with 32% now saying they hold a "very favorable" opinion of him, up from 28% last month. Of those interviewed, 60% said they thought media reports about Allen's racial bias were excessive. Webb, ensnared by his own past comments about women in the military and having badly flubbed a Meet the Press debate, has been unable to capitalize on the controversy.

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