Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dobson: E-mails Were "Not Appropriate"

Avidor, a Minnesota citizen armed with a video camera, has been wreaking havoc on religious extremists and extremist candidate Michele Bachmann as he films them in some of their most absurd moments. Yesterday, at a St. Paul rally for "Values Voters," he caught James Dobson talking about the Foley affaire. Listen for the echo of Tony Snow's "naughty e-mails" in Dobson's "e-mails that were not appropriate." Dobson then goes on to talk about Democrats' hypocrisy. Avidor's video is well-timed, as curious Americans watch how Republicans are spinning the Foley scandal to their extremist base.


It's been a very very hard day for me and for many other people because of Representative Foley and what he has now been disclosed to have done with a 16 year old boy, at least exchanging e-mails with him that were not appropriate . . . you can almost feel the media, you can see them salivating over what has taken place here because when a Republican goes awry, then there's this effort to get everybody who is also conservative in nature to pile on and so that has been extremely disappointing . . . I talked to Denny Hastert today and he told me that they have even put their pages in a separate building with 24-hour supervision to try to prevent this from happening.

What more could "Denny" have done? For more Avidor videos, be sure to check out the Dump Michele Bachmann blog.

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