Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Houston Chronicle Demands "Straight Talk" from Hastert

In a blistering editorial published in today's issue, the Houston Chronicle demands answers from the House Republican leadership about its failure to act in the Foley affair. The Chronicle writes:

As chairman of Congress' Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, Foley helped push through laws criminalizing cybersex with minors. Whether he is now guilty of breaking those laws remains to be determined. He has already paid the highest political penalty possible in resigning his seat.

Foley's colleagues now face the same public judgment. If they cannot convincingly account for their inability to rein in a sexual predator posing as a defender of young people, then they are not fit to serve in their own leadership roles in Congress. With national Election Day a month away, voters will have the opportunity to swiftly render a final judgment concerning whether those who failed to call Foley to account should remain in office at all.

Although Hastert may have hoped to hold the Speaker's position until after the elections, it is becoming increasingly likely that he will have step down earlier. Roy Blunt, who refused to refund a $10,000 donation from a phone sex tycoon, seems to be campaigning for the job, but his selection might just open a whole other can of worms for Republicans.

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