Monday, October 02, 2006

Will Mark Foley Have a "Born Again" Experience?

America, or at least the part of it that buys into the myth of Republican moral superiority, loves a reformed sinner. The problem Mark Foley has created for Republicans is this: The conservative religious base may become so dispirited that it fails to vote in November.

One solution for Republicans would be to stage a religious conversion for the former congressman. Simply sending him for "rehabilitation," where he will undoubtedly be encouraged by lefty types to embrace his inner gay self and gain control over his impulses, won't be sufficient. The Republicans must convince its voters that God has worked through the party to reform him, the only possible happy ending when sin has raised its ugly head.

Would Foley go along with that? What kind of coercion would have to be applied for him to bare his soul to snake oil salesmen like James Dobson or Donald Wildmon? One can only imagine the byzantine negotiations underway at this moment between Republican leaders and the religous fringe. We're guessing the fate of Representative Foley's soul is the paramount concern.

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